Baskets by Tabara N’Diaye

Projects, techniques and inspirational designs for you and your home.

This book includes projects and patterns with photos, illustrations & step-by-step instructions. Materials used include grass, cane, rope, jute twine and plastic string. Raffia can be substituted in many projects.

Patterns include:  Drink Coasters, Placemats, Mini Planter Basket, Fruit Bowl, Basket Wall, Large Storage Basket, Ali Baba basket, Cane Breakfast Tray, Cane Lampshade, Cane Picnic Basket, Rope Basket, Rope Bag, Jute Twine Plant Hanger, Jute Twine Bike Basket.

Number of pages: 144

Size of book: 25cm x 20cm x 1.3cm

ISBN 9781787132702

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