Raffia 50g Autumn

Introducing Autumn - a captivating limited-edition raffia colour mix that offers you a warm embrace of reds, rusts, oranges and deep burgundy tones. Designed specifically for weaving and basket-making enthusiasts, Autumn is inspired by the vibrant foliage of the fall season. 

Premium Quality Raffia. Sustainably grown and harvested in Madagascar. Hand dyed in Melbourne, Australia and Madagascar.

Note: As raffia is a natural product, dye colours and weight may vary. The colour of this product may differ from the colour displayed on your monitor or device. Length of raffia pieces are approximately 1 metre to 1.5 metres.

Raffia can be used for: - Weaving - Basketry - Basket coiling - Knitting - Crochet - Sewing - Art & Craft - Garden - Floristry - Gift wrapping

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