Raffia 1 kg - Natural (Current Superior)

Current Superior (BCS) Raffia (available in 50g or 1kg). Natural and un-dyed. 

Length of raffia strands are approximately 1.1 - 1.3 metres. Sustainably grown and harvested in Madagascar. A good quality raffia with long, strong strands for core or stitching, also containing some finer strands.

***NOTE:  Due to the bulk and weight of this product, 1kg Raffia Henks are not eligible for free shipping if the total weight of your order exceeds 4.5kg. Please note if you order weighs more than 4.5kg, you will receive an invoice for shipping.

Raffia can be used for: - Weaving - Basketry - Basket coiling - Knitting - Crochet - Sewing - Art & Craft - Garden - Floristry - Gift wrapping

Note: As raffia is a natural product, colour and weight may vary. The colour of this product may differ from the colour displayed on your monitor or device.

Should you wish to purchase larger quantities of this product, please email us through the contact form on this website.