The Wispy Bits - Cool 60g

At the end of the day, we have piles of wispy bits of raffia that just seem too good to throw in the bin. Did you know that thin pieces of raffia are great for stitching your baskets? Whilst they might be thin, they’re usually super strong. And the great news is, that because they’re thin, they let the core material shine through. Alternatively, you can bunch the wispy bits together and use them as the core. The raffia pieces vary in length, width and colour and by using them, you’ll be reducing waste going to landfill.

The Wispy Bits come in 60g packs are available in 3 colour ways:

• Earthy colours
• Cool colours
• Warm colours

Note: As raffia is a natural product, dye colours and weight may vary. The colour of this product may differ from the colour displayed on your monitor or device.