Finding Form With Fibre by Ruth Woods

We welcome this new book by Ruth Woods from Craft School Oz. Finding Form with Fibre is about sculptural basketry and is a spectacular full colour publication with beautiful photos and illustrations. 

The book is divided into 3 parts: 

Artists:  Featuring 14 Fibre Artists each working with plant-based and recycled materials in their own unique style 

Materials:  A detailed section on useful plants and other new and recycled materials for sculptural basketry

Create:  Instructions for key basketry techniques and development of sculptural forms. Includes cordage, braiding, coiling, weaving, looping and random weave.

Lisa Cahill, CEO and Artistic Director of The Australian Design Centre agreed to foreword the book saying… “This book is a fantastic guide to practice: a starting point for new makers; a reference for established makers; and a pleasure to read for anyone interested in woven forms. The pages are filled with resources and ideas for how to weave and the immense variety of materials to use.” 

Ruth Woods is an educator and artist and loves to make work using sustainable practices and materials, so by using plant fibre often sourced from her garden and recycled fabrics and clothing from opportunity shops, she feels she is educating makers to also think about how they obtain their materials. 

Number of pages: 188

Size of book: 27.2cm x 20.8cm x 1.6cm

ISBN 9780648485803